1. Current VSNY nurses.. How has your experience been going? I am coming from hospital setting, however have a strong interest in home health and would like to know in terms of safety, how often have you nurses felt unsafe/threatened/etc.,? I understand that there is an "escort" that can follow you in unsafe neighborhoods, however I am certain they are unarmed (unless I am wrong, please correct my assumption).
    Also, How are your assignments and case load? What borough are you assigned?... Any information would be greatly appreciated- I'm sure many new and experienced nurses like me would very much appreciate learning more about the VSNY organization-- so thank you in advance to all those that respond!
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  3. by   ez2000
    have you started working with vsny already? i mean finished your orientation? so how was it like? i too am interested to know how is it to work as a home-care nurse in vsny.
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    I do not work for VSNY, but i was inquiring because I would like to eventually be a part of the organization. I'm just curios as to how the work environment, patient population, and training is like.. the good-the bad, etc.,.. If anyone has experience or things they would like to share about the VSNY I think many of us would greatly appreciate it