V.E.E.B Graduates! Where They are Now...

  1. greetings my fellow v.e.e.b-sters!

    i decided to start this thread to follow up with those who have attended v.e.e.b's program and graduated, to see where their path to nursing has taken them.

    just to clarify, v.e.e.b is a practical nursing program located in long island, ny.

    since veeb is such a wonderful program; graduating approximately 150 trained practical nurses every year, i figured it would be nice to see where those wonderful graduates are currently in their careers and education.

    this thread can be used as a mini "reunion" tool (lol), as well as one of encouragement for future or current students.

    veeb alumni please list:
    1) year you graduated
    2) # of years experience working in the field
    3) area of specialty
    4) any additional education you have attained
    5) future aspirations...
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  3. by   mymy1219
    Thats a great Idea I would love to know what everyone is doing!