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Hi All! I wanted to start this thread to create some conversation about our application to SUNY Downstate's ABSN program beginning Summer 2013. I've heard a lot of pros and cons about the program... Read More

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    I'm still waiting to hear as well. I keep calling and being told my application is with the committee and no decision has been made yet. Idk how long I'm going to keep hearing that ugh.
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    I am getting nervous with all of the waiting as well. I just hope that I will not be wait listed again this year. It would really break my heart.

    Brooklyn gal.........
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    I didn't hear anything either (((
    This waiting is killing me
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    Did you all apply to other schools?
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    I applied to Pace, NYU and the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

    I got into NYU for the January start date, but I wanted to wait to see if I could save (a lot of) money and get into Downstate.

    The College of Mount Saint Vincent just started an ABSN program this past Fall. It is not accredited yet, so I am very hesitant to enroll there. Their traditional 4 year program is accredited, but they awaiting approval for their accelerated program. They have a mid-Manhattan "campus", so travel to Riverdale is not necessary.

    Now I wish I had applied to Wagner. Getting to Staten Island seemed like a schlep, but I might not get into Downstate or Pace and I do not want to pay NYU tuition.

    How about others???

    Brooklyn gal.......
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    I applied to Binghamton, Stony Brook, Downstate and Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. I was rejected by the first two and accepted by the last school. I'm just anxiously waiting Downstate'a decision.
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    I applied to UMDNJ, Downstate, Rutgers, and Pace. So far, I've only heard from UMDNJ (accepted). Anxiously waiting to hear from Downstate since it's cheaper than UMDNJ.
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    It seems to me that they haven't really been sending out any letters. I called them a few weeks ago and they said I should hear in 3-4 weeks. So I'm hoping we'll hear back pretty soon. I applied to Binghamton and NYU for Fall 2013. iHeart88, when did you hear back from Bing? I still haven't heard back yet and I'm getting anxious!
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    Bear0512 I got an email from Bing on February 8th. I know of someone else who also hasn't heard back yet.
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    Bear0512 I heard from Bing on February 8th. I also know of someone else who hasn't heard back yet.
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    I applied to NYU, Wagner, Downstate, New Rochelle, Molloy, Beth Israel and am considering York even though I don't know if I can deal with CUNY anymore (I did my undergrad and prereqs and it was a nightmare). Considering LIU but I'm scared off from the horror stories, also considering getting a rush app into Seton Hall (the price point is much higher than I want to deal with). Muhlenberg is my fall back school if all else fails. That's a lot of applications so I'm trying to be patient and not throw in more apps out of desperation (I keep telling myself I can try for spring 2014 if it doesn't work out) but Downstate is my first choice since it'd be a very easy commute and it's the least expensive.

    I'm wondering if I should have applied to Pace...some of the horror stories about attrition rates on these boards scared me off, plus the price point is rough. Oh well, too late for that now.
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    Hey Downstate Hopefulls-

    Has anyone heard anything? I haven't. I don't think I've ever checked my mailbox more often than these past couple of weeks....

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    Hello all,

    I have not received an acceptance package yet, but I just noticed that my checklist now includes a health, deposit and background check portion.
    I was wait listed last year so there is hope for re-applicants.
    I am thrilled....hang in there everyone else.

    Brooklyn gal...........