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Russell Sage

  1. 0 Hello! First post!

    I will be moving to the Albany area in a year and am looking into Russell Sage to get my BSN. I will be a second degree, second career nursing student. I would love to hear feedback on this school! Especially from others who went there after earning a Bachelors already. How generous is the school with scholarships? How well did it prepare you to become a nurse? Any feedback is very much appreciated.
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    Bump! Come on, nobody has any opinions of this school? Heard rumors? Whispers on the wind?

    Maybe Albany area nurses aren't on AN...
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    Hi! My first post too:
    Did you end up starting at Russell Sage? I'm deciding between Binghamton U BAT and Russell Sage 2nd degree programs and would love to hear from a RS student or grad. Thanks!