RN refresher course in Manhattan, NEW YORK

  1. 0 Hi desperately need help here!!! I am currently waiting on my license...currently having my credentials verified by CGFNS. Therefore while i am waiting i am looking for an RN refresher course that can help me get aquainted with the way things are done in hospitals here in New York. I did my nursing studies in Malta (Europe) and so im sure many things are different!!!

    Does anyone know of any nursing refresher courses in the manhattan area, either online or at a university/school???
    In addition to this i need a course that accepts nurses without a NY state license as I still dont have it!!

    If anyone has any info it would be of great help!

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    there are review centers here in NY - kaplan, hurst, feuer, etc. You can check there website for schedules on live classes and an online class whichever you want. i can't recommend anything since i only went to kaplan and i didn't like it. And you dont need a license to get a review course.

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