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    Hey Everybody!!!

    I live in Westchester County, and I am trying to find some good RN programs (just looking for my Associate's for now) in the Bronx. Here, we only have 3 decent schools; Cochran, Hopfer and WCC. Can anyone recommend any good Bronx programs - especially if they are affiliated with a hospital (better chance of getting hired by them)??? I read some past posts on this subject and all that was advised was to stay the heck away from Bronx Community College, lol. Any ideas? Anybody? Thanks.

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    Well, avoiding BCC, lol the only other college in the Bronx is Hostos Community College: http://www.hostos.cuny.edu/
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    Thanks Guilty.

    Heard anything good about this school? Or anything in general. I looked up their website, the tuition looks pretty cheap, but how is there reputation? How are the professors and staff? Anybody going to this school for nursing or pre-reqs? Please let me know.

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    There's Lehman, Corchran, and also Hostos Community College in the Bronx. Why were you told to stay away from Bronx Community College?
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    Hey Maybe;
    I was reading some posts here in this forum, and they were saying that Bronx Community College is a really bad school to go to, i.e. professors with attitude, low morale and staff issues. I will look into Lehman. I am really trying to keep my options open so that I can apply to the Westchester nursing schools and possibly the Bronx and maybe Connecticut ( I live maybe 20 minutes away by car). Have you been to any of these schools? Advice?
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    Me, too. We must live near each other. College of new rochelle has a nice program. I'm gonna look further in to that. They seem to give aid, too, based on their site. Wcc's program is good but very long. The prereq's there are so hard ot isn't funny. Like, even if you have all the prereq's and core liberal arts coursework done, it still takes a full two years to complete the aas. No way to shorten that. And the soonest u can start is sept 2010. They select based on the 40 highest scores on the teas exam out of like 550 people who take it every year. I just missed the cutoff.. I wouldve gotten into the lpn prog, but wasn't interested.

    I'm applying to pace's accellerated bsn/msn prog for jan. If you're a college graduate. In 11 mos you have bsn and some coursework goes towards msn. But it's expensive and I'm not sure I'm gonna get in.

    I've been hearing good things about cochran and dorothea hopford. They're both in westchester. Hospital-based programs. People like doro hopford which is out of mt vernon hospital. I'm gonna look in to that.

    Keep in touch and let me know what you find!
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    Hey Maybe;
    Thanks for the reply. From what I hear, Cochran is supposed to be the best out of the three. I did hear that WCC is super crazy to get into, but I didn't know that it will take the WHOLE 2 years if you have all your pre-reqs and liberal done. That bites. Unfortunately, I only have my Associates in Business Administration, so I won't be able to do an Accelerated BSN program, even though I really want to!
    I went to the Open House for Hopfer and Cochran, Hopfer is a bit much if you want to get into the evening program. They require you to do 8 pre-reqs, which would mean I couldn't apply until Sept. 2011! Cochran seems great, everything is state-of-the-art and I was born there.
    Have you looked into any RN programs in Connecticut yet? Let me know if you find anything good. Thanks.
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    Hey Jasm,

    Thanks for the reply. I had my heart set on a BSN/MSN program like Pace's, but now I'm starting to think it's a little pricey and who knows if I'll get in even after all this. I'm very familiar with WCC's program... I've been taking my prereq's there. It takes a full, total 2 years and you can't even start till you have all the prereq's done. AND they only start in the fall. So, I didn't score high enough to get in for this fall and if I wanted to study and get in for next time, I'm waiting till fall 2011 to start and still a full 2 years. That's lame-o. AND they will only take 40 people.

    I live near CT, as well. I went and visited Norwalk Community College. They have a ADN RN program, as well. Not as selective as WCC, and they have a bigger enrollment. Like, I could get in there with my TEAS results the lady said. (I got a 74.1 on it). They have one that starts in the Spring and one in the Fall. But I couldn't start there till Fall 2010 and I think that one goes a full 2 years, as well, WITH all the prereq's. Check their site. There are a bunch of community colleges in CT that have RN programs. Naugatuck CC, Tunxis or something like that. If you google it, you'll find out.

    Let me know if you find out anything interesting. I'm getting discouraged.
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    Stay away from Hostos, they are not accredited.
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    Thank you!!! Will keep that in mind.

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