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  1. 0 New York Presbyterian's site says they'll consider new grads at Payne Whitney Westchester...does anyone know if this is the case? I'm trying to figure out if I can get my big old foot in the door there. Any help/suggestions are appreciated.
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    I don't know but I'd like to know, too! I'm not exactly a new grad but I have no psych experience, and I'd love a job there. I have children, though, and really can't see myself doing I'd also need a day shift position. I wonder if that's possible! I would imagine, like other places, you'd have better luck as a new grad if you're willing to work nights. I wish PW had their own job listing site. It's really frustrating having to look for jobs there through the NYP job portal. I feel like I'd have a better chance if I could speak to someone or write a kick-ass cover letter directly to someone *there*. Good luck!

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