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Pace CDP Program Required Interview

  1. 0 I just received an e-mail last week from Pace saying that I was selected for their required interview for the CDP program. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on preparing for the interview (particularly by someone who has been interviewed by them before)? Thanks!!
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    Did you apply to NYC or Pleasantville campus?
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    I applied to the NYC campus.
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    Hey was wondering when you applied thanks. SOOOOOOOOO NERVOUS TO HEAR BACK!!!
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    I applied in January. Good luck!
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    I got selected for the interview as well. I am so nervous, I hope this means we are accepted into the program. I keep trying to find out the application process for the other students in the program, but I heard nothing of an interview.
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    I have an upcoming interview this week. If anybody already had an interview can you please share what it was like, and what should I be expecting. Thanks!