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Hello. I recently applied for a new grad position at NYP and I got an email saying my app is currently "being considered" for the new grad opportunity and they will "contact me within the next 2... Read More

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    I know this might be a redundant question to ask but did you all apply before you had passed your NCLEX? or was your attempt and follow up email only after you had passed the boards? Asking as I am applying as well but a few weeks away from taking the test and didn't know if they gave preference (obviously) to people who are ready to work now. Any insight would be appreciated!
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    I haven't graduated/taken my boards yet. I finish next month. On the application it asks "do you graduate within the next 2 months" and "will you be eligible to take the boards within the next 2 months" or something along those lines. I know they have different groups of new grad postings periodically so I called HR before I applied and the woman said "if you graduate in may, apply for this position" so I did haha
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    Hey everyone,

    I applied as well. I worked there at through the medical school in the ICU and my references are from there. I am really hoping to land a job there. Very advanced, great staff and great learning opportunities...keep me posted!
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    Has anyone taken the career battery yet? Have you gotten a response since taking it?
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    If you did well on the battery test, they would contact you within 5-7 business days
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    i see! i haven't taken the battery test yet......still waiting to hear from them since that first email...
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    I haven't heard anything since that first email either. I got it on the 17th so tomorrow marks two weeks. Should I respond to the email or try calling later this week if I don't hear anything?
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    ^I also have the same question.....if I should follow up or what...
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    They will eventually get back to you, they do get lots of applications from around the world. I recently got my response that I was not chosen for an interview. I am surprised because an ex employee referred me. But don't get discouraged if you haven't heard from them, I believe email is the most common way they communicate.
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    Thank you @skyheaven477!!!!! and good luck!!!
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    I forgot to specify on the cover letter what two departments I wanted.....ugh all these applications got my mind all screwed up.
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    Hello Everyone!

    So, about 3 weeks ago I applied on-line to the new grad opportunity at NYP. Two days later I was contacted to take the nurse battery test, I passed it and I was scheduled for a phone interview. I had my 5 minutes chat with Talent Acquisition which told me that they will re-contact me shortly on how to proceed and to schedule a in-person interview. It's been over 2 weeks now and....nothing! Not a phone call or email. I also email the lady right away after my phone interview to thank her and again after over a week to reinstate my interest in working at NYP. What should I do? Anyone in the same position? I have heard other people in the same boat, but I don't understand why they would go to the trouble of all this and in the end don't even give you a chance to meet in person nor tell you that you didn't get the job. I did most of my clinicals there so I made the point of how interested I am and what a great place NYP is blah...blah...blah
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    I applied, did the battery test, did the phone interview and the following week got an email saying I was not selected for an interview I think it's most likely cause I have an Associates. I'm surprised my online application even went through!