NYC RN Job Hunt - experiences/stories?!

  1. 0 Hi ladies and gents!

    I have recently begun a job hunt in the NYC area. I am an associate degree RN with 3 years experience, including 2 years tele and 1 year critical care. I have got to say, it has been a FRUSTRATING job hunt so far. I have decided to start a BSN program this winter to make myself more in-demand.

    My question is, for NYC-area nurses, how long did it take you to find a job?

    At the hospitals I have been hired at, I was called back the next day after I applied! For some of my applications during my current search it has been weeks and I haven't heard a thing. How long did it take you before you got a call back for an interview?

    If you'd like, tell me about what hospital you work at and what it is like working there! I would love to hear more about nursing in NYC.

    Thanks everyone! -HungryForHummus
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