NSLIJ Fellowship Openings

  1. thought i'd share it with you all..there's two fellowship openings at NSLIJ in NY..

    Registered Nurse -Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit-Critical Care Fellowship-January 2013-Manhasset, NY

    Registered Nurse- Cardiac-Thoracic ICU- Fellowship-Bay Shore, NY
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  3. by   sundrop
    The fellowship in the Cardiac Thoracic ICU is no longer listed. I just saw it yesterday and was going to apply today. These postings get taken down fast!
  4. by   jessie25
    Hi all,
    First of all thank you for being so genrous as to post these openings. I wanted to know how often do they post these positions. It seems sporadic to me from what I have seen on allnurses.