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    I'm looking to apply to the fellowship program at NSLIJ and any other hospital I can find one in. They explain the fellowships on the site but I can't find any to apply to. Do I just keep checking back to see if they post any? Or is there some way I can just submit a resume and say that's what I'm looking to do. If anyone has any info on the application process it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Just keep checking back. Typically the fellowship is posted for less than a week then they remove it (probably from an excess of applicants). Make sure to search the different hospitals; North Shore-Manhasset and Long Island Jewish offer the most spots & options.

    Here's the advice I can give you for job-hunting in NYC:
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    I am also interested in these fellowships, and I have been checking the website but haven't seen anything! I feel like I must have missed it since it is kind of late. Does anyone know if these applications have already gone up?

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