New York state license verification

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    Hey Everybody
    I just passed my NCLEX-RN on Monday, and got my results from pearson, but I am wondering how long it takes the NY board of nursing to post your name and send you your license... Just curious, and eager lol


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    it took about 10 days for me
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    Mine took 7 days and that is because i bugged them.
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    Hi there! CGFNS has already submitted my credentials to NYBON and I'm going to contact them for my status on eligibility...I would like to ask how the process of applying for the actual licensure works after knowing that you are eligible for the exam, can I apply for the exam even If I haven't completed the Infection Control and Child Abuse program yet?...thanks in advance for the reply
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    Quote from laura11
    Mine took 7 days and that is because i bugged them.
    How did you bugged them? It's only been 3 days for me but I'm getting anxious.
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    i was just wondering if any of you have already applied for your Visa Screen?

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