New York Presb ED Residency

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    Anyone have any information on the ED Nurse Residency program interview process @ NYP-Weill Cornell?
    I am in need of more insight as I would be coming from Michigan to do this, spending $300+ for traveling.

    Thanks ya'll!

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    Hi! I don't know much about the process, but I'll be there on Monday too! All I've heard is that there are 17 candidates for 4 positions. The day will apparently include meeting with managers, last year's ED residency RNs, and also revolving group interviews and tours of the ED. That's all I learned from the nurse recruiter when I spoke with her last week.

    See you then!
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    Aw I just saw this now! Good luck to you!
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    Thanks - to you too! I hope your interview went well - I'm completely nervous now!
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    Hey guys, I know it's been a while, but how did your interviews end up going?
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    I meant to ask how you guys also prepared for your interview, what kind of setting it was, and if it was hard. I have an interview on Monday and I am a little worried about it.

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