New York Eye and Ear infirmary

  1. Hi guys,

    I am applying at NYEEI in the city for a per diem position. Was wondering if anyone here has worked there or know anyone? What is it like working on their med/surg unit and how is the pay? Any replies will be greatly appreciated thanks! I've been applying everywhere in the city and still have no luck
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  3. by   JWEMT
    Awesome place to work. Magnet status a plus. Have to understand its prestigious but a very small hospital.
  4. by   melody_SJ/NYC

    Do you still work at NYEEI? Just wanted to see how you like (liked) the job there. And what department you work at.

  5. by   JWEMT
    No I left a while back, never worked as a RN there but their job doesn't look terribly horrible.