New BSN RN grad in NY...

  1. Hello! I graduated in December 2011 and passed the NCLEX in February 2012. I have applied to hospitals all over New York...all the boroughs, Long Island, Westchester county, Albany, etc. I keep going back on to the career sections of the hospital websites and apply to every position that I see open up. I also tried various agencies and still nothing. Have a careerbuilder account also. It just seems that I don't have any luck. Any encouraging tips for keeping a old new grad fresh in this frustrating job search situation?
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  3. by   FreestylePete
    Don't give up! Keep trying you will find one.
  4. by   ed25
    I know hospitals way upstate hire a lot of new nurses, not sure if you want to travel up there. Also, I applied for a NJ license as well, which might open more opportunities. Best of luck to you!
  5. by   coolpeachmoy
    I applied to numerous places in upstate NY. I also applied to many other states such as NJ, PA, CT, FL, TX, CA and still nothing.