Mid-Manhattan/Brooklyn Adult Learning Center Accredited? Mid-Manhattan/Brooklyn Adult Learning Center Accredited? | allnurses

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Mid-Manhattan/Brooklyn Adult Learning Center Accredited?

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    I was wondering if anyone who has completed the LPN programs either at Mid-Manhattan or Brooklyn Adult Learning Center has had any issues getting into an RN program? I plan to apply for this program this year, and would like to make sure that I know what I'm getting into. I'm making sure that I'm not putting my eggs all in this basket and should be researching other programs further.

    Any additional information on this program would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!!
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    Yes, mid manhattan and brooklyn adult have this bridge program with Helene fuld in Manhattan which is a LPN-RN college. If you get all 85's in your lpn classes you dont have to take the exam to get into the school i believe , check it out.
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    does any one know where to do the drug testing?