Long island university nursing is the absolute worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This school is the absolute worst. I was warned several times but did not listen. And years later, thousands of dollars down the drain and no degree I wish I would've listened.

    First off I was academically dismissed from the program with 3 classes remaining to graduate. I was not a bad student but was dealing with a death and sickness. First class I failed a student who was earning less than I was, was able to pass the course because of favoritism. I didn't complain, instead I took the course over with a different professor and earned an A.

    During the 2nd level (program consists of 4 levels total) a professor was passing those she liked and failing those she didnt. She wasnt the first professor to do so but she was the first who the decided to turn their backs on and make an example out of. A student who failed showed up with an attorney and fought the matter. Said professor felt betrayed by her fellow faculty and voiced this to her students or anyone who asked.

    Meanwhile another professor was making it his duty to expose the disgrace of an nursing administration at this institution. Students who failed more than 2 courses (leading to an automatic dismissal as stated in the student handbook) were allowed to continue because of favoritism while others who had substantial reasons were dismissed and not given a second thught. During the 3rd level more than half the class was failing this medical surgical course. The course was taught in 3 different sections by 3 different professor (one who was teaching and course coordinator for years, another who was teaching in the department for years and the nursing program chairperson). Each section was given the same exam but wasnt given the same information to prepare for these exams. Did i mention that the HESI was weighted as 30% of your overall grade for the course? This was the syllabus percentage for the past 3-4 semesters. When the state got word of this (because of the professor on a mission to expose administration) and notified the university the hesi was remved from the syllabus mid-semester.

    Students were failing this course terribly. At the end of the semester the program chairperson graded all students in all the sections (keep in mind she only taught one). MANY students failed. One of the professor (former course coordinator for years) vowed to never teach the course again. While the other professor teaching the course resigned from the university. The dean at the time (BEST FRIENDS with the Nursing program chair) was removed from the position and a New dean was hired. Needless to say I was one of the student who failed this course. Hence my dismissal.

    After appealing on so many levels I simply just want to move on. After all the tears and struggle, I refuse to be defeated. I posted this blog to advise students who plan on attending this school to go elsewhere. Go somewhere you can get a more quality education for your money. I am also writing this to ask for help from this amazing student/nursing community. Does anyone know of any Accelerated (or not) Nursing degree (ASN/BSN) programs in the NY/NJ/CT area that would be best for me to apply to with this academic dismissal now on my transcript. I have a previous Baccalaureate degree and this was my pursuit of a second BS. I have even considered relocating to Florida, looking into Miami Dade and Reminigton College. I would truly appreciate the insight.

    For all of those who are currently going through this, Dont give up. I KNOW its like losing everything that matters and the emptiness felt inside is hard but REMEMBER the harder the struggle, the bigger the triumph. At the end of your journey, it will be just that, YOUR journey.
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    I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Although I don't have any advice for you, I wish you all the best none the less.
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    This scared me.
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    Agreed ^
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    I applied in December and they are still saying they don't have all my documents. I have noticed they are very unorganized.
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    I've just read too many stories like this to even consider LIU at this point (even thought it'd be the easiest commute for me). When I called trying to get details on the program they were straight up rude--the woman hung up on me. And that was after making several calls and finally getting through to someone. I'm sorry you had to go through this, and thank you for sharing your story.
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    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I was thinking about applying to LIU but now i think i might reconsider...
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    I would also like to thank you for posting this. LIU was one of the programs I was interested in applying for, now I will just skip it and avoid wasting my time.
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    I think the problem with this school is that it accepts too many students who are not really ready for nursing school. They should come up with a better selection process. Most students I've met at this school were rejected from numerous nursing schools and this school was the only one to accept them. Nursing school is crazy hard and this school is extremely difficult but I was still able to manage to pass all my classes without any help from any professors or students. I always studied by myself and when I did not fully understand a subject I would go to the library or go online. It wasn't easy especially because I had a language barrier since English is not my first language and I would have to constantly look up words. Professors here do not have favorites or pass students because they felt like it. I earned my grade and passed my tests on my own. I think if you REALLY want it, you will pass! I was able to graduate and pass my boards and all it took was hard work and dedication!
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    Dear intelectual802-
    i am sorry that you had this experience at Liu's Brooklyn school, but I am glad you are able to alert others who may be interested in going there. I don't know what your current educational status is at this point, but I recently became aware of a basic generic BA program being started for fall 2014 at the liu in brookville, Ny. If you have completed all of your prerequisites and liberal arts credits for the nursing program you can apply as a transfer student which would/should cut out 2 years off the 4 year program. It's a different location so you may not go through what you went through in Brooklyn with some of the administration/ politics. I wish you the best in whatever you decide for yourself.

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