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Kingsboro nln jan 2014

  1. 0 Anyone else take the nln yesterday or today. Wondering how everyone else did?
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    Not so good, got overall score 112. How about you
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    I know how you feel.. I got. 110. I've heard from people that they are scoring in the 120's. Real worried.
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    I got a 132 but I'm still really nervous. I heard that there are a few factors the nursing department takes into account when making their decisions. Looking at some of the previous posts from last year, it looks like it depends on how all students scored and if you fall within that range. The GPA also weighs heavily.

    Good Luck Everyone!!
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    I got a 125 overall score. Wish us all good luck.
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    call the office, see if you can get info and let us know, I called last week but I guess it too early..