Job outlook Buffalo,NY (wny area) LPN

  1. I graduate in October 2013 and I was wondering if anyone could give me any info about how easy or hard it is to find a job in the area, the pay etc. I searched the site before and was hoping to get a more accurate/recent answer. Thanks!
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  3. by   NewNurse_13
    Hi! I graduated in May 13 and it has been rough finding a job! Although I am currently working at a nursing home I have still been actively searching for employment. I have been trying to get in the hospital. I was told by another nurse who graduated from school a year prior than I and she said that she has been having a tough time too. Recently she gained employment at Kalieda. I have been told that CHS is looking for BSN RN's. I am currently enrolled at Daemen for BSN but I was told by a more seasoned nurse with her BSN that even when you have it its still tough.