How much does an RN make working at NYC nursing home?

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    I'm interested in working per diem at any NYC nursing home. How much does an RN usually make working at a NH?

    I have an associates degree, currently in a BSN online program. Do nursing homes in NYC hire associate RN's????

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    I'm sure the nursing homes don't have as much of a preference for BSN as hospitals do, but I would also apply to hospitals with it being noted on your resume that you are in the process of obtaining your BSN, you never know, they may give that as much weight as a new grad who is finished with a BSN.

    I have no idea what the nursing homes are paying, the hospitals are paying about 60k for new grads base pay, add in differential for night shift which is probably around the $6k range.
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    Sorry, didn't realize how old this post was.

    Current BASE pay in NYC starts at 70, minimum.
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    Not all of the city hospitals do, I'm pretty sure the continuum hospitals don't but the privates may.

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