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Hope I didn't bomb my interview...

  1. 0 I had an interview this past Tuesday for North Shore LIJ for a Telemetry position, I was so nervous though! The recruiter seemed to like me, but you can never be too sure... I just wanna start working as an RN! This is very frustrating + discouraging at the same time.

    Can anyone give me any advice? Especially about North Shore's hiring process?

    I would love to hear back from you guys!

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    No advice but great u got an interview, best of luck.
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    On the day I met with the recruiter, I took a written skill's test. Then I filled out 2 reference papers that were mailed to whom I chose. A week later I met with the Nurse Manager on the floor I was going to be on. Three days later, I was sent an exceptance package in the mail. It contained salary info, hours, scrub ordering form, background consent, diploma checks, physical/drug screening info. The next step was to make the appointment at Employee Health for the physical and drug screen. After that, you start orientation at a hotel in New Hyde Park. I actually turned this position down (I was offered a better one), so this is as much info as I can tell you. Good luck
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    are you a new grad?