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Good Affordable Nursing Programs in NYC?

  1. 0 Hey I'm looking for a good affordable nursing program in new york city. Right now I'm attending Hunter College but the nursing program at Hunter is so competitive and difficult to get into, and I need back ups.
    What are good nursing programs that I can apply too? How competitive is it trying to get in these schools? What are they looking for (i.e. gpa)? And about how much do they cost?
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    Lord, I keep hearing how competitive it is to gain entrance at Hunter. I hope it's not the same for their master's program...I just finished my application! Good luck!
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    Any of the community colleges are affordable but are also very hard to get into.

    I got right into a program upstate - SUNY - but I had some science course, statistics, a lot of credits, and a 3.8 index. I was in class with a lot of people who had been waiting for several years to get in but I didn't have to wait.

    Kill yourself to get high grades and apply.