Getting a NYS license when in another state

  1. 0 I will be moving to NYS next year and want to get my NY license prior to moving, since most hospitals seem to require that you have an active license to even interview. I am currently licensed in a compact state. Is there any problem with my maintaining my current license and getting a NY license? I think doing that will mean my original license will revert to single state (the state I am in) but if I"m reading things correctly then I should be able to have both the NY license and my current state license simultaneously. Anybody know for sure? Thanks.
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    Other than only being licensed in one compact state, if you have multimstate privileges you can be licensed in as many statesnas you want to. Your compact license will retain multi state privileges as long as you maintain residency in that state, regardless of how many states you are licensed in. If you change your state of residency, then your compact license loses the multi state portion and becomes a single state license only.

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