Does Mount Sinai hire ADN enrolled in BSN program

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    Hi, does anyone know if Mount Sinai will consider an ADN nurse who is currently enrolled in a BSN program? I applied to some positions and it did say they will consider in some clinical areas, but I just wanted to get some feedback from my fellow allnurses users here. Because some places say they consider it, but then really they don't.

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    I'm curious as well. I'm currently working part-time at a hospital where they are encouraging those to get their BSN. I have my ADN and currently enrolled in a BSN program. I'd like to find a PRN position but everyone wants a BSN RN. Good luck to you!
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    I have a few friends who work there as RNs and LPNs. At the moment.... and for the past 1.5 years I've heard of BSN only. If you check the site you will see "Must have current matriculation in a BSN program with graduation date within one year of hire for consideration" pretty frequently. When I spoke to a buddy whos a nurse manager there, they mentioned preference goes to new grads in possession of their BSN.

    Its frustrating. Truly wish you the best luck.

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