College of New Rochelle??

  1. 0 Has anyone or is anyone currently in the Accelerated BSN program at College of New Rochelle?? I am having a little difficulty figuring out the exact prerequisites I need in order to guarantee my acceptance but the admissions office said they can not review my transcript without an application. I'm afraid to miss a class and then get stuck having to wait an entire year to apply again. Are A&P 1&2. Chemistry. Microbiology. Nutrition. Psychology the only mandatory prerequisites to get into the program??? Online it shows a politics or economics course under requirements but is that really necessary?? What does politics/economics have to do with nursing?? I'm so scared I won't get accepted due to 1 dumb class I didn't take. Please let me know any details you have about the ABSN program at CNR.

    Thanks a bunch.
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