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College of New Rochelle 2013

  1. 0 Hi all!

    I didn't see any threads for CNR's Accelerated or Individualized program for the upcoming year so I decided to go ahead and start one. Has anyone out there enrolled or is planning to enroll? Who knows anything about the college's reputation? When I completed my FAFSA I had a stat pop up saying that the graduation rate for CNR (cum, not just nursing) was 29% and retention was something like 60%, vs. NYU which was 84% and 92%, respectively. Crazy, right? Not sure where they were pulling the data from...but still raised some questions. Anyway, I enrolled for the Individualized track starting this Jan as I have a few outstanding pre-reqs (sociology, anat & phys II, writing II). Hoping to meet some future classmates on here!

    *I did post this in a different section but I think that here in the NY portion of allnurses is more appropriate. Is there a way to delete a post?


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    I applied for the individualized track. Just need to send in my transcript but I am done with pre-reqs.