College of new rochelle spring 2010!

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    hey there!
    I was accepted to CNR for spring 2010. I applied to the individualized track because of the computer/ econ pre-reqs, but I want to get the program done full time asap. I have a BS biology from Lafayette which I graduated from in may, and I have just been taking some of the pre-reqs ( nutrition, micro and dev psych) at WCC. I was wondering if there is anyone else who has been accepted / will be attending? I am waiting on NYU, Umdnj, suny sb and downstate as well. As important, is there anyone who is currently at CNR second degree bsn program who has some insight on how it is going / how long it will take you / cost? Thank you so much!! I am excitedddd!!

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    I got accepted into the CNR accelerated program for 2010. The program starts in June. But I wanted to make sure of a few things first. does anyone happen to know if the program is accredited? and how long? how many students are in a class?
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    CNR is fully accredited. I'm not positive but I think the accelerated program is 3 semesters in length including a summer.

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