College of Mount St. Vincent ABSN 2011-2012

  1. 0 Hello Everyone, was jjust wondering who applied and if anyone has heard from CMSV yet?

    Thanks & good luck!!
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    What cohort are you applying to? I am for next spring.
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    Hi demeanor89 can u tell me more about this school just recently found out about its program
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    my sister went to this school. she graduated last year May. she had a good experience its alot of studying and hard work. im going to transfer there also next year. i wouldnt apply for the program until 2014.
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    I don't know much, but I know that it's near the city (which is my sort of preference ) and that's it's very expensive...but it looks to be a good program. I kind of hope to go, but am kind have to see where I get in
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    Hi! I was accepted into college of mount saint vincent ABSN program for the Fall. I called CCNE and they verified that their ABSN program is accredited. But now my question is, is their programapproved by New York State. From what I understand a nursing program must be fully approved by NYS in order to sit for the NCLEX and for the state to grant you a RN license.

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