Auxillary Nursing

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    I came across a position that was titled "auxiliary nurse". Out of curiosity I clicked the link and read the job description and the requirements. The job description is the same as that of a Certified Nursing Assistant but the requirements say "no experience". I decided to google information on the title and it's not giving me a lot of information. I'm kind of confused as to what an auxiliary nurse is because multiple websites said that it is an unregistered nurse working alongside the RN(not under the supervision of the RN)and some sites are saying that it is a nursing assistant or healthcare assistant. Can anyone tell me what an auxiliary nurse is and what his/her day to day responsibilities would be? Thank you very much. Have a great day
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I have only really seen Auxillary Nurse used in the UK and they was similar to care assistant here in Canada only they wasn't certified.
  4. by   janurse1990
    I am pretty sure it is pretty much the same as a nursing assistant! I've seen it on NYP website, auxiliary is like the additional help and support.