Anybody working as Per diem Med-surg float pool in NYP?

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    I am currently working full time in upstate. My current hourly rate is certainly much lower than the per diem hourly rate in NYP. I am single and I have no one to give me insurance. My concern is that how many hours approximately as a per diem float pool I may get per week? I understand that it is very hard to get a job in NYP and I tried multiple time before with rejections. I am not sure if I should give up my current full time job for just getting a foot in the door of NYP, and hoping to transfer into a full time position later? I really need enough hours to feel secure. Can anybody working in NYP as per diem help me out? Thanks
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    I'm interested too ... Especially the normal patient/ nurse ration in Medsurg floors .
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    Med surg at NYP is a 6:1 ratio
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    Thanks . It doesn't sound too bad .