Advise needed for foreign nurse

  1. Hi all,
    I need advise on what my next step should be. I just passed the Nclex here in NYC but have been home raising my children for the passed 2.5 years.

    here is the route I followed so far:
    - graduated from French nursing school in 1996
    - Worked 4 years in Med surg (1996-2000)
    - worked 4 years in the field (africa mainly) with Doctors without borders (MSF 200-2004). worked in nutrition program, sleeping sickness, surgery, war zones...)
    - moved to NYC and worked as HR manager for MSF (2005-2010)

    Am I a new grad? should I take a refresher course? Am I even employable in the eyes of an employer?
    I'm not that thrilled about going back to hospital type of nursing, but will do what it takes to have a job. ideally I would work for city programs or NGO type but I'm not super aware of what's out there for me.
    any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance)