What are some recommended BSN programs in the NM/Colorado area

  1. I graduate with my first BS next may from UNM. It's a BS in biology. Because its my first BS and I dropped the ball initially, my GPA is around 2.9.

    I just need A&P2 and then I'll have all the prereqs done with the second degree accelerated program option.

    I plan on applying for UNM's program, NMSU's program and then looking around for a BSN program in Colorado and possibly Arizona.

    I doubt I can get into UNM's program right away because of my lowish GPA.

    Any ideas?
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  3. by   Medic09
    Leroy, no suggestions other than go talk to someone in Academic Advising in the UNM program. As a second-degree student, there may be something in your favour. I don't know, but it is always worth asking. Get an appointment, and go speak with them. When I was applying to UNM, Advising was very helpful. They'll give you the straight scoop.

    Good luck!