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    hi, i'm looking into alternatives to student loans to help pay for my bsn program. i've been researching the unmh advance sign on bonus package.
    has anyone used this route?
    do you know how much the sign on bonus is at unm for a new bsn-rn?
    do you know if you accept the advance bonus if you get paid the same as someone just signing on?
    has a new bsn-rn recently been hired, if so, what is the starting pay?
    does anyone know if you can you choose what department to work in if you take the scholarship?
    any information would help me, or any opinion about working for unmh.

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    I don't know about the bonus package. If you want to find out about salaries, go to UNMH's Career Center webpage and click on one of the RN positions. They list their beginning salary range. The website is https://hospitals.health.unm.edu/int...ve_hire_cc.cfm.

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