UNM CON Accelerated Program

  1. Does anybody know how competitive the accelerated program is for UNM's CON? I will be graduating from UNM with my 1st bachelors in spring 2010. Would you say its more or less competitive than the traditional program. Anybody who has gone through the program, can you give some insight to how the accelerated program is??


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  3. by   Medic09
    I understand the program has already changed some since I was there. I graduated Dec. of '07, after 16 months.

    The only difference between 'second degree' or 'accelerated program' students and the regular 4 year students was that we came in for 'junior year' to do just the core nursing program. Everyone went 16 months without a break. The original plan was the 4-year students would have summer off and we would not.

    In a class of about 80 students (?), we were 16 second time students. They say it was competitive to get in. Didn't seem all that hard to me; but I did go in with good grades and good experience. Once school started, we were all doing the same work. Nursing school was a lot of work; but it isn't rocket science. If you have the desire and commitment and basic intelligence, you can do it.