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UNM ADN & BSN programs?

  1. 0 Why is the Taos program just an associates degree since it is part of the UNM? Is it because of the lesser pre-reqs? Is there an online bridge program offered by UNM?
    Does the program in Albuquerque need pathology and pharmacology before starting the nursing program but not before applying? Do those classes count as more 'points' when applying or is it safe to apply without them?
    Any information on how to become a BSN in NM is appreciated!
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    Um thanks for replying but that does not answer my question. I love using lmgtfy myself
    So yeah, if someone has a real answer for my question, perhaps based on their own experience it would be appreciated.
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    Most ass. programs don't have as much leadership, or research type classes as the BSN. Likely those courses aren't offered at the Taos site; so it is more than just the prereqs.

    I did my masters online with UNM; the office is really good about answering your types of questions.... Good luck!