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University of New Mexico new RN grad insider help!

  1. 0 Hola,

    I will be graduating in december from an ADN program in Alabama and my hope is to move to Albuquerque to start my career at UNMH--fingers-crossed-- I have contacted the nurse residency dept and have all my info lined up to start putting in applications for any ED RN INPT position available for a new grad...BUT i was reading on here the other day and found numerous accounts of UNMH being the worst about getting through applications and the need for applicants to basically hound the department head until they get a response to them...??? true?

    So i was wondering if any of you out there might have inside knowledge of the Hiring manager/staff name and contact info? or at least just a name so i can put it on my cover letters. I hate that I am not living out there and dont know anyone to contact for follow up after i have submitted my resume/application
    Sorry for the long post, but thanks for a response!!!

    ABQ BOUND!!!
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    Moving to the New Mexico State forum. Best of luck.