Please help fellow NMicans! *Carrington college question*

  1. I'm looking at Carrington college for nursing because UNM has a long wait list is what admissions said and CNM only takes a certain number as well. Have any of you graduated from Carrington?? And did you find a job? I have had horror stories and positive but nothing from NM. Thanks!
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  3. by   knicoll71
    Haven't heard much good or bad about them, but I'd take a long hard look at WNMU. I'm attending currently and it's a solid program. BSN only (5 semesters) No wait list.
  4. by   Alynnhutch
    Awesome. Where is that?
  5. by   Alynnhutch
    Oh I just saw. Too far away unfortunately. I live in Belen. Thanks though!
  6. by   JBudd
    Have you looked at SFCC? both AAN & BSN offered.