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New Mexico NCLEX Results Question

  1. 0 Hello everyone. Do you know how long it takes to know one's NCLEX results in NM? Is there a way of finding out what the results are immediately? Thanks.
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    I am not sure how they are handling it now, but when I passed, eight years ago; you could call a number and the prompts changed once you passed the RN test. So instead, of specifically saying "you passed" it went to a different dept. still telling upi the info would come in the mail etc.

    I would hope, more info would be available on line by now. Try calling the Board of Nursing (BON) or checking with classmates if they have the more current way to find out. I am hoping we will hear from someone here on AllNurses.

    Good Luck to you... congratulations in advance
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    Thanks for your reply. I just got a little curious. I'm actually taking the exam in a couple of months. Have a great day!
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    Actually there is a link in but when you register yourself will ask you to pay $200 instead of $8 as what i expected.

    I think during the registration of taking Nclex exam they will provide you email and password at the same time. better talk to your agency about this issue.

    Good luck!

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