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need help

  1. 0 I am from bryan tx.I want to start my study of LVN but I am not ready for ACT, SAT, TASP , THEA or any other this kind of test.So please tell me any school or college that dont need these tests. I can move to New Mexico.Please help me out
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    Hello! I see your concern about taking those types of tests! I never took them in high school (which I now regret!) I am a student at Eastern New Mexico University of Roswell and the only test I had to take was a placement test. It was actually pretty easy. Dont get yourself stressed about the tests. If you score low in a certain area, they will place you in a class appropriate for your learning speed. For example, I am terrible at math. I really stressed about that section on the placement test. After getting my results (which I scored low in math) the Dean told me that I was better off scoring lower than higher and getting stuck in calculus when I really needed algebra. You see what Im saying?