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  1. 0 Can anyone tell me about Lovelace? The good, the bad, the ugly. Any and all information would be appreciated. Thanks
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    It is now teamed with the former St. Joseph's Hospital. I have worked both facilities. At Lovelace, now called REgional (I believe) I have worked tele, ortho, and med/surg... they were okay; the last few times I worked 7A-7P I was sent home at 3 from the Agency PRN (unguaranteed hours).

    I hope this info helps you.
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    Thanks for the input. Anyone else have any info?
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    I know someone who worked at Lovelace Medical Center on the Tele floor. I think she worked nights. She seemed to like it ok. I also know people who have worked at Albuquerque Regional (formerly know as St Josephs). I'll just say they are not there anymore.
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    I used to work at St. Joes several years back etc... Glad I did not go through the change over... the back biting (I hear) got WAY out of control.


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