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Looking for Albuq. RN's

  1. 0 Hi all!

    I'm an Albuq. RDH (registered dental hygienist) with 9 yrs. exp. who is seriously considering going back to school to get an RN license. I have no intention of leaving hygiene though.

    I am looking for any RN's in Albuq. who can give me advice and steer me in the right direction of the whole process of getting into nursing school. I am hoping to start within the next year.
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    Hi Angel,

    If I am not mistaken, you were my hygenist is ABQ (Rio Rancho?). Anyway, I moved from Albuquerque about 1.5 yrs ago. I do miss it, but we are much closer to family here on the east coast. You can PM me if you like and I can answer as many Q's as possible. I did not get my origional RN in NM, but I finished my BSN at UOP. I do not know a lot about the other nursing school in ABQ, but I can give you some insight into working there! Best of luck.

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    Hey Paul!!

    Check your PM!

    (your old hygienist)