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    I'm new to everything. I'm applying for nclex-rn for new México. I got my forms printed for CES from cgfns site. My question id, should my high school need to be evaluated too. Thank u for those who will answer.
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    Can't really answer your question, although I don't know why they would need your high school if you have your SON stuff.

    Best thing to do is just call the BON in New Mexico.
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    When I applied for my license they asked me to send my HS diploma so I did and they sent it back right after they finished the evaluation..
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    Do you live in NM - or are you from out of state? It might depend on when you graduated from HS. They never asked me for a HS transcript (though, I have been out of HS for more than 10 years.) However, I remember when I started my nursing program back in 2010 that they did require a HS transcript. Just follow the rules thoroughly...and you will be fine!

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