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    I'm currently working on my prerequisite courses for the Nursing program at CNM, i passed biology with an A, the lab with a B, i'm currently taking chemistry it doesn't seem to stressing but i'm undecided whether to take A&P I or Microbiology in the fall, or together perhaps, i still don't know. I'm leaning towards A&P. For the students taking their prereqs still or the students who've been accepted into the program, any advice on the next 3 classes i need to take and the best possible instructor for those classes? i was thinking Kat Flies for A&P. Which instructor should i take? Should i take A&P and Micro together or is one class before the other more rewarding for the other? Your replies are greatly appreciated

    thank you!
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    just a reminder as per Terms of Service not to mention actaul instructor names
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    LOL haha