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    I am graduating soon with my ADN and after being in a bad car accident, my professors are suggesting I work in a clinic for my health. Does anyone work in a clinic? Do they accept new grads? Even if they don't, what are you day-day tasks that differ from working in a hospital?

    I am relocating to ABQ from out of state, so I may have to work in my current state first to gain experience. I have worked as an aide for 7 yrs, gpa 3.7 and chosen by my school &went to a 3rd world country to provide services/education. I do not know if any of this actually matters when being hired. I am in my mid-20's and I do not know much about the hiring process yet! I am also going to start my BSN within a year of graduating. Just curious about what my options are at this point. Any advice helpful.
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