Anyone accepted to CNM for Jan 2013?

  1. 0 I applied for the first time in June, and was accepted! I start in January .Just curious if anyone else is starting too?
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    First off, congrats on getting into the nursing program! That is very exciting. I have not applied to the CNM nursing program yet, but I will be applying next spring. May I ask how many points you had out of the 9?
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    I had 8 points out of 9. I did not get the extra point for re-applying because this was my first try. However, I think they are eliminating the extra point for re-applying. I scored a 93 on my HESI (took it once) and my GPA was about a 3.7. Good luck! And thanks
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    Hi there...
    This thread is kind of old, I just go accepted to CNM for the Spring 2013 (Calculations and Pharmacology) and start core classes in the Summer of 13. However I am in a bit of a dilemma, I got accepted at SFCC to start in the spring as well... not sure where I am going..

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