Albuq. Pre-Nursing Student Searching For Albuq. RN's to Talk To/Shadow

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    I'm a dental hygienist in Albuquerque who will be going back to school (T-VI) in Jan. to become an RN. Unfortunately, I don't know any local RN's personally.

    If there are any Albuq. RN's here (esp. hospital), I'd appreciate getting to know you (w/the possibility of shadowing you for a day?).

    Thanks guys!


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    No wonder there's a nursing shortage...there seems to be absolutely no Albuquerque RN's in existence, I see. LOL

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    I work at Pres L&D, I don't think you can shadow me without all kinds of red tape and managers appoval, but I can answer any questions just PM me.
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    You're welcome to PM me with any questions etc.... I think it may be difficult to shadow a nurse due to all the privacy laws, you may want to call a nurse recruiter at any hospital to double check. My recommendation would be to start school and then look in to a nurse extern program. I think all the Albq. hospitals have this program and you will get paid to shadow a nurse; I did this myself when in school. I hope you enjoy TVI, I went there too!

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