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  1. 0 Anyone work there or have any info? Thinking of moving this summer and just looking around. Thanks for any replies ahead of time
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    Its a bit of a dusty town.. theres not too much to do other than white sands which is nice in its own right. Lots of air force personnel and border patrol too. It has some quaint areas to it.. I like the placement of the town as it is located right in the middle of a desert surrounded by high hills (its located in a valley).
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    I am to interested in Alamogordo and was wondering about Gerald Champion if anyone works there, that could give some info. How hard is it to get a job there? What pay is to be expected? Is it a good place to work? I am currently working M/S in a small Colorado Hospital.
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    There is some word that Gerald Champion is going bankrupt so I'm not sure how that would effect them hiring.
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    Gerald Champion and the county it serves, which is Otero is very good. The previous post refers to the hospital being for sale, but it did file chapter 11 bankruptcy on 16 August 2011. The link is . There website is listing employment opportunities, but as I have found this is a standard listing. Meaning that they are just building a bank of names vs actually hiring someone.

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