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New Jersey State Nursing Programs is available to network with other nursing students living in New Jersey. Discuss nursing schools, NCLEX Pass rates, HESI, TEAS, and entrance requirements. Forum closed for new topics.

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  1. Capital Health Nursing School
    Moved by lbellach Jan 30, '10
  2. UMDNJ vs Rutgers RN-BSN program
    Moved by urbanRN Mar 20, '09
  3. Pharmacology
    Moved by still trying Feb 15, '10
  4. Bergen County Community College
    Moved by joysimone Feb 10, '10
  5. Can one challenge the NCLEX-PN partway through a RN program in NJ?
    Moved by wih02906 Jan 18, '10
  6. calling all PCCC and/or SCCC students and grads
    Moved by Mtru11 Nov 10, '09
  7. Anybody go to Brookdale CC that can tell me about the info session?
    Moved by Ladii_T Dec 30, '09
  8. Please HELP advise on which is the best RN-MSN program?
    Moved by veeka25 Jun 8, '09
  9. Flexible BSN program for non RN
    Moved by hbackman Jan 24, '10
  10. OCC Ocean County College Nursing - Cutting programs
    Moved by yossisiegel Jan 21, '10
  11. MSN nursing ed @ UMDNJ
    Moved by Flare Jan 13, '10
  12. New Communtiy Practical Nursing in New Jersey
    Moved by Dionyonce Sep 9, '09
  13. Christ School of Nursing
    Moved by lsims28 Dec 31, '09
  14. Mountainside School of Nursing
    Moved by michelledellay Oct 8, '09
  15. Anybody go to Brookdale CC that can tell me about student nurse health insurance?
    Moved by Ladii_T Dec 21, '09
  16. Am i eligible for Richard Stockton College?
    Moved by TeeGuneys23 Dec 16, '09
  17. Rutgers transfering from ADN
    Moved by nneokill175 Dec 15, '09
  18. Our lady of Lourdes 2010
    Moved by capemay5143 Apr 11, '09
  19. Just started Nure 130 at Trinitas...feeling a little discouraged
    Moved by Bunny326 Sep 30, '08
  20. B.S.N.--Accelerated or Traditional?  UMDNJ, WPU, Rutgers?
    Moved by airozen Dec 10, '09
  21. CCM A&PI and A&PII
    Moved by andicakes Jun 28, '09
  22. UMDNJ GPA Requirement
    Moved by MONEJA783 Oct 29, '09
  23. CNA Program at Camden County College (Nites? Weekends?)
    Moved by CuriousChrys Sep 20, '09
  24. Caldwell College new nursing program
    Moved by TeeGuneys23 Nov 29, '09
  25. NEW and NEED help!! ADN or BSN? Queensborough/Adelphi/Pace
    Moved by VEVargas81 Feb 24, '09
  26. William Paterson University?
    Moved by TeeGuneys23 Nov 27, '09
  27. BS in Psychology Minor in Biology, looking to apply to Nursing Schools
    Moved by rutgersgrad10 Jun 13, '09
  28. Any body went or go to Brookdale Community College?
    Moved by Ladii_T Nov 23, '09
  29. UMDNJ-Stratford  ABSN for Spring 2010
    Moved by BusyBryRN2B Jun 1, '09
  30. UMDNJ Accelerated BSN students
    Moved by njmonsterboi80 Jul 17, '04
  31. Camden Community College LPN  Grads or Newbies
    Moved by bellylovely Jun 18, '09
  32. Lincoln Tech, Edison, NJ
    Moved by m_cal826 Jul 19, '09
  33. Please help !  to choose btw two schools in NJ
    Moved by alexnyc Nov 16, '09
  34. Letters of Recommendation for Rutgers ABSN
    Moved by seaside81 Nov 18, '09
  35. what is the approximate starting pay for LPN's in NJ?
    Moved by Movin'onUP Mar 8, '09
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