Which state is better to get RN license? Which state is better to get RN license? | allnurses

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Which state is better to get RN license?

  1. 0 I have no idea if I should apply for my NJ or PA license first. (Eventually I want to hold both) Ultimately I need a job, but I am unsure of which is better/easier market. I am also concerned with long wait times for NJ to process paperwork to sit for NCLEX then license. Any advice? I am also wondering if anyone has any experience at Underwood Memorial Hospital in Woodbury what it is like to work there.
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    It's up to you which one you want to get first. Either way once you get your license you can apply for a license in the other state. Your PA license may give you more employment opportunity due to the number of hospitals surrounding Philadelphia. Both PA and NJ take time to process paperwork so there is no getting around that one.